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Wherever a pressurised hydraulic system is to found bonded seals provide a convenient sealing method between hoses and components, and similar sealing needs. The metal ring, to which is bonded a trapezoidal rubber ring, ensures the joint can be correctly torqued without damage to the sealing element. The seals are available in both metric and imperial sizes and some special designs also exist. Materials available are steel, stainless steel, brass or aluminium for the metal washer, Nitrile, Viton, Silicone, EPDM or HNBR for the sealing element. Care should be taken to ensure the burst pressure of the chosen seal is rated within tolerance of quoted maximum pressures.

Sizes for Bonded Seals

d1 d2 s
4.5mm 7.0mm 1.0mm
5.7mm 10.0mm 1.0mm
6.7mm 11.0mm 1.0mm
7.1mm 11.0mm 1.0mm
8.7mm 16.0mm 1.0mm
10.7mm 18.0mm 1.5mm
12.7mm 18.0mm 1.5mm
12.7mm 20.0mm 1.5mm
14.7mm 22.0mm 1.5mm
16.7mm 24.0mm 1.5mm
18.7mm 26.0mm 1.5mm
20.7mm 28.0mm 1.5mm
22.7mm 30.0mm 2.0mm
24.7mm 32.0mm 2.0mm
26.7mm 35.0mm 2.0mm
27.2mm 36.0mm 2.0mm
28.7mm 37.0mm 2.0mm
31.0mm 39.0mm 2.0mm